Sean Bennett – “Forgotten Souls”

Amen 2 – Came off aggressive but still meaningful. Definitely sets the tone from the gate. 

Organik Tales Skit – Not sure who is talking but you can tell theres conviction in his voice.

Soulful Keys – This record is ready! Sean Bennett just became one of my favs from the underground.

One Day – I feel a Tory Lanez vibe from this one. He’s def showcasing his versatility on this one.

Don’t Hurt Me – Boom bap feel on this one. Wouldn’t be surprised if Cole is one of his favorite rappers.

Ain’t No Best Skit – this whole concept kind of throws me off b/c there’s def gotta be a best. Plus hip-hop is built on competition.

Local Critics – Super dope record. 

Strictly Fo My ****** 18 – Nice. Volume on this one was way lower than rest of project though.

Lucid Dreams – Wasn’t sure what we were getting on this one before i pressed play. If it was a freestyle to Juice Wrld’s jawn or not but I love what I heard. 

Heart Stop – Finna go get it!

One Leg Up Skit – I wanna know who all these ppl on the skits are!

Labor Day – Sean got this very progressive flow. It comes out in every record including this one.

Tryna Be  – ooooo this one comes off ready for the volume to be turned UP on impact. Love this jawn. 

Be About Yo Money – Love the collaboration. Everything about this record is polished very well. 

Open Thoughts – You can tell he just venting on this one. “I’m still the best at me worst”

Mind Of A King – Wraps things up w/ a solid record.

Full length project for sure. Very well put together. Consistent all the way through. Production on the project is CRAZY. Love the samples. Definitely music for my ear.